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Maxima Telecom’s information and analytical platform allows you to receive analytical data collected on the social and demographic profiles, interests and current demands of the city’s population, as well as monitoring residents’ routes and traffic across the transport network.

Transport digitalization

The MT_FREE single city transport network

The network covers the subway, 8,500 ground vehicles, Aeroexpress trains, suburban commuter trains and other locations both in Moscow and elsewhere.

Shema union transport network MT_FREE

Control over public transport infrastructure

See the whole vehicle fleet on the map, control traffic schedule and transportation safety, monitor condition of drivers and machinists, fleet capacity utilization, and get analytics that help forecast the need for repairs.

The system monitors driving quality

Information on regular routes

Схематичное представление системы Интервал

Informative dashboard with route recommendations (imitating driver’s monitor)

Features the 'Interval' system On-board computer

Single software platform

Statistics on ridership by routs and vehicles

Identifying routes with the largest number of stowaways

Providing information on vacant seats to the fleet providers’ mobile applications

Video recording in bus

Driver monitor

Total number of passengers on board

Total number of passengers transported

Number of fares purchased

Driver's display

Image on the driver’s monitor in route mode

Public safety

Online CCTV broadcasting from cameras inside the vehicles and stationary facilities, face recognition, identification of offenders and abnormal actions

Shema a security system
Single Moscow metro dispatch center

Single Moscow metro dispatch center

Cameras on trains and in the machinists cabins

Cameras on trains and in the machinists’ cabins

Services for metros

  • Infrastructure digitalization

    St. Petersburg metro ventilations shafts condition monitoring, including trespassing, gas contamination, monitoring of mechanical components.

  • Passenger communication platform

    Targeted notifications to Moscow subway passengers on emergency situations using SMS, the Internet and Push messages.

  • Intellectual CCTV

    Designing of CCTV system for rolling stocks with online broadcasting and automatic archived records upload

Wi-Fi analytics

(for example: World Cup 2018 analytics)

Transport analytics

CCollecting urban transport usage patterns during large-scale events (e.g., World Cup games in 2018) to analyse the load on the transport infrastructure.

Thanks to Wi-Fi analytics and the passenger communication platform, the city got efficient feedback on the quality of city services during the World Cup-2018.

Maxima Telecom data and analytics were used by the Moscow Government to prepare reports on the outcomes of the 2018 World Cup.

  • 12 matches in Moscow

    14.06 — 15.07.2019
    7 at Luzhniki and 5 at Spartak stadium

  • 770 000 people
    visited the games at stadiums

  • 42% of foreign fans

  • 90% of people on the whole were satisfied with the World Cup organization

  • 98% of foreigners were satisfied with the World Cup organization

Average stadiums attendance on match days in Moscow, thousand of visitors






Fan zone

Most fans left by metro and Moscow Central Circle. Fans’ departure, by transport type (%)

75 мин.

65 мин.



93% Satisfaction with fans’ security

81% Satisfaction with information provided by the Moscow Government’s Department of Transportation

Transport provision

Most fans left using the subway and Moscow Central Circle. Fans’ departure, by transport type (%)

Luzhniki Spartak
Метро, МЦК 81% 80%
НГПТ, Шатлы 8% 10%
Авто, такси 4% 8%
Пешком 7% 2%

Social and demographic analysis

Profiling the audience by gender, age, interests, mobile device types and residence regions.

Mass events modeling

Great potential for the predictive analysis and modeling of the load on transport infrastructure during large-scale events.

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