and Investors


  • Highly relevant expertise

    We are ready to share our experience and leading expertise in building digitalization infrastructure, processing big data, launching all forms of digital services and asset monetization.

  • Improved business efficiency

    Our digital solutions reduce operating costs for transporters and other partners through improved business efficiency

  • Quick launch of joint products

    The synergy of resources, experience and technologies between Maxima and our partners allows us to rapidly develop joint products and value-added services.


  • Breakthrough business model

    The subway Wi-Fi project has proved to be an efficient business model. It is highly profitable, as a hi-tech business should be. This is why we expanded the model to other segments of city digitalization. Our revenues continue to grow at 70-80% a year.

  • Real Russian hi-tech

    Maxima Telecom’s projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg are still largely unmatched worldwide. Investors are invited to take part in exporting the digitalization projects abroad.

  • Export capacity

    The company’s solutions in the field of AdTech and data processing are globally unique, with an dvertising revenue per individual user higher than that of Facebook.

Investment in Russia

Maxima Telecom’s projects transform the cities and create new market niches

Investment abroad

Following negotiations with dozens of customers and partners, Maxima Telecom has developed a universal model for upscaling the business abroad. The company is focused on expanding to developing markets, the Middle East, and developed Western countries. Investment in upscaling Maxima’s business is a great opportunity to generate predictable high revenue over a timespan of 3-5 years

Contacts for partners and investors

Roman Chizhov Corporate Finance Director