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  • MaximaTelecom provided the launch of Wi-Fi on the Delhi Metro trains 02 January 2020

    MaximaTelecom, as part of a consortium, provided the launch of the high-speed Wi-Fi network on the Delhi Metro rolling stock.

  • Moscow Metro Wi-Fi Shortens Advertising by Half for Short Trips 28 October 2019

    Moscow subway passengers will be able to see less advertising when joining the MT_FREE network. MaximaTelecom has launched a quick network access option. The feature is designed for passengers changing lines or taking shorter commutes.

  • No Ads for Tele2 Subscribers Using Wi-Fi in St. Petersburg Metro 15 October 2019

    MaximaTelecom is ramping up its cooperation with the mobile operator Tele2. With their joint tariff, Online Everywhere, Tele2 subscribers will be able to use Wi-Fi in St. Petersburg Metro without advertising or authorization.

  • Nekrasovskaya Metro Line Now
    Has Free Wi-Fi
    06 September 2019

    MaximaTelecom launched a high-speed Wi-Fi network in the tunnels between Kosino and Nekrasovka stations of the Moscow Metro. 22 base stations in tunnels were built and 25 km of optical and electrical cables were laid. All Moscow Metro trains on the new 15th line have access points.

  • MaximaTelecom Closed Encrypted Wi-Fi Network Introduced in Moscow Metro 03 September 2019

    MaximaTelecom launched a closed MT network in the Moscow Metro. The network remains free for users and is paid for through ads. MT is deployed in the Moscow Metro using Hotspot 2.0 technology with automatic protection from connecting to phishing points.

  • Wi-Fi in the Metro Halves Ads for Short Trips 01 July 2019

    Maxima has launched an option for a 5-minute internet-session for passengers who make short trips or change lines. Thus, the number of Ads prior to connecting to the Internet will be cut in half. The option is currently being tested in the St. Petersburg metro. Passengers may choose between a 5-minute or a standard session […]

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