Business solutions

  • User authentication compliant with the Law on Communications

    Maxima Telecom’s authentication system is the biggest in Russia in terms of the number of devices served. It was the first system in the country; it supports any load and a maximum number of user platforms. It also offers extensive network monetization opportunities

  • Wi-Fi monetization

    Monetize your Wi-Fi network. Our platform supports advertising in the market’s most demanded formats, premium access, retargeting your Ads to your users through other Wi-Fi networks and with open auctions

  • Analytics

    Using our platform’s features, you can analyze not just the number of connections, but also get users’ profiles (by gender, age, interests, etc.) and their geographical distribution by residence. Customized reports with your own data and surveys in your network and in the MT_FREE network are also possible to get deeper analytical data on consumer preferences.

Contacts for customers

Ilya Cherkasov Director of Infrastructure Business